Monalit-05 is one of the largest manufacturers of steel,
metal-plastic and fiberglass pipes


Monalit-05 is one of the largest manufacturers of steel, metal-plastic and fiberglass pipes.

Our main goal is to find new solutions for water supply and sewerage systems, oil, gas and industrial pipelines, the creation and marketing of high quality building materials and oil and gas equipment for customers around the world.The plant participated in various projects in the field of water supply, sewerage, supply of the state oil and gas sector and construction in neighboring countries.

Our products, in addition to the local market, are successfully exported to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan

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our products

Steel pipes

Steel products were considered necessary for the installation of plumbing and other systems. But, nevertheless, they are now determined by a certain demand.

By themselves, they are unstable to corrosive influences, therefore they cause irritation in the protective coating. As a rule, a protective layer of zinc – such products are called galvanized.

steel galvanized

Galvanized steel parts are more reliable, but this is reflected in their cost. They are resistant to temperature extremes and, thanks to the protective zinc layer, they are resistant to corrosive influences.

However, the protective layer can be damaged for one reason or another (from impacts) and then rust will appear in the places where it broke off.

Metal-plastic pipes

Products that are made as a combination of metal and plastic are very important and have the necessary qualities.

Installation of a pipeline from metal-plastic pipes is perhaps the simplest. Anyone can assemble such opportunities with their own hands, who will accurately study the rules and installation tips, as well as acquire all the necessary materials and tools.

plastic pipes

Plastic is a generalized name for pipes made from various polymers. Each type of such products has its own characteristics and properties.

PVC. A common type of pipe that is used in the following areas: sewerage, water pipes, drainage systems. The diameter of such products can be from 16 to 500 mm, and the operating temperature reaches +90 °C. For hot water systems, parts with a cross section of 16 to 50 mm are used.

Pumping compressor pipes

Each pipe is provided with protection of threaded connections with plastic (combined) protectors on the pin and socket ends. Conservation or thread-sealing lubricant is applied to the threaded surfaces of the tubing;

Marking: Depending on the requirements of the standard or the customer, marking is done by branding or paint. Specifications are indicated on the labels of each package.

casing pipe

Finolex casing and ribbed screen pipes are manufactured using a special Lead Free PVC-U compound which makes them ideal for the transportation of hard, salty, sandy or chemically aggressive water. Finolex range of PVC-U plain casing and ribbed screen pipes are specially designed to protect water lines from soil conditions.

This special design makes them ideal for domestic wells, industrial wells, public and mining wells. These pipes are also anti-corrosive, which prevents chemicals in the soil from affecting them.

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